Sunday – July 29 – Glasgow to Philadelphia to West Palm Beach

There will be no update on Sunday July 29 as we will be flying over the Atlantic on our way back home. The pilgrims are scheduled to arrive at West Palm Beach airport at 8:42pm. The drivers will meet us there and proceed directly to St. Joseph’s, where we will park in the circle in front of the church. We will go directly into the church, and after all families, friends, and pilgrims are gathered around the altar, we will have a final prayer and blessing and send them forth (home).

The pilgrims will be sharing their collects at the 9:30am service on Sunday, August 5. All pilgrims are expected to attend. Later in the fall when the snowbirds return, we will be having our Stockholders’ Celebration, which will include reading the collects at the 11:45am Unplugged service prior to the food celebration.

On behalf of myself and the pilgrims, thank you for your prayer support. It has sustained us (especially me). Peace, Fr. Marty

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Saturday – July 28 – Lindisfarne to Jedburgh to Dryburgh to Melrose to Glasgow

We loaded the luggage with time to spare
then stopped at the causeway, a prayer moment to share
The Iona rock each carried for another wherever we go
Now into the rising tide’s water did throw.
Then off to see three Border Abbeys nearby,
in between rain showers we managed to keep dry.
First Jedburgh where Chelsea was able to report at last,
In between a stop at Scott’s View for a light lunch repast.
A beautiful spot where Sir Walter Scott used to stop,
from there on to Dryburgh, just a skip and a hop.
There Billy informed us of this place’s history
How you pronounce this order of monks is still quite a mystery.
And an added surprise — a wedding was taking place at this site.
They let us observe if we’d promise to be polite.
The ruins of Melrose would be our last visit
But not before tasting some ice cream exquisite.
Discovered by our first pilgrim group years ago,
It’s a spot that no ice cream lover would ever veto.
When we had finished our ice cream of all sorts,
Madison gave us our final report.
We then visited Melrose for special things to view,
a pig playing bagpipes, Robert the Bruce’s heart (and the loo).
We compared these three abbeys and each different way
of experiencing God — different approaches to pray.
And how we as future college students need to explore
how we can stay focused and distractions ignore
by finding the best way that each can perceive
the presence of God in our lives to receive.
We travelled to Glasgow our very last stop
Seeing the location of our hotel, all of our jaws dropped
Right in the middle of town at George Square
With a view from our banquet room beyond compare.
We ate and we laughed and we prayed on for hours
then off to our rooms (not just a bath — they have showers!)

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Friday – July 27 – Lindisfarne Priory & Bamburgh

As past pilgrims know we have a Lindisfarne tradition
of a Eucharist at the Priory which has become quite a mission
because the English Heritage team sometimes make quite a fuss
Imagine complaining about people praying in a holy place like us.
Well, this year we solved the issue once and for all
Andy put us in touch with the mucky-mucks who make this call.
A call on the phone and they gave us permission
We entered the Priory without insult or derision.
A bright sunny morning made the setting just glorious
And with no one around, Fr. Marty felt we were victorious.
An early lunch followed with their favorite mac n’ cheese
done English style — mac n’ cheese pie, if you please.
Then off to see Bamburgh and the church where St. Aidan died,
Some wanted to come home while others visited the castle (we tried).
Then all hands on deck for our farewell to our friends
We cooked a big dinner for our perfect end.
Andy shared a Shabbat service done Christian style
It’s nice to have the females lead once in a while.
Then everyone hustled to clean up each home,
and when we inspected everything was shining like chrome.
We’ll leave this fair island before low tide does turn,
in the morning around eight, praying to some day return.

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Thursday – July 26 – Lindisfarne to Cuthbert’s Cave & Pilgrim’s Walk on Return

The consensus was that we’re all dragging a bunch
So we let them sleep in and then gather for brunch:
a Ritz-Carlton worthy spread with all kinds of food
Eggs and crab benedict we thought would be good.
Prosciutto and melon, sausage made of mint and lamb
And if any preferred, muffins (English of course!) with jam.
A bounteous feast that was simply ethereal,
but most of the youth just went for the cereal.
This pilgrim group then had another St. Joseph’s first,
a hike on a path no other St. Joe’s group has traversed:
A beautiful walk to Saint Cuthbert’s Cave,
where his body was hidden by monks who were brave.
We walked up the hill to pray, looking back on Holy Island
A beautiful panorama from this English highland.
On our return trip, a needed rest stop was fruitful
When Carrie opened the newspaper, there was a photograph beautiful
Of our pilgrim group waiting for the Prince to come into view,
After Carrie had shouted, we bought up more than a few.
By three the tide was about to reach its lowest,
so we commenced the Pilgrim’s Walk (why is Debra always the slowest?)
We came back for dinner with Martha with us once more
she’s had so much fun she wanted an encore.
But she’s leaving tomorrow with mother Anna and brother Joel
One more night at least with Andy has now become our goal.

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Wednesday – July 25, 2012 – Lindisfarne

On Wednesday our dance card turned out to be filled
Because Andy Raine with liturgical choreography is skilled
We started intending to spend just the morning,
but found the experience so totally rewarding,
That after we all took a break for some lunch,
We got back on the floor and saw this talented bunch,
Learn all the moves for a rap to Psalm 23,
then Madi and Andrew played the Holy Spirit with glee,
Dancing around every frightened disciple,
locked up inside the upper room (see John 20 in your Bible).
Andy wrote a book about how we are wired inside
Through the seven “motivations” he became our guide.
It helped us understand how we are all uniquely gifted.
Realizing different means special — our spirits were lifted.
For dinner most all ate Indian food with Naan Bread,
(Those who didn’t like curry had pasta instead.)
We processed the day as we put up our tired feet,
But all agreed the time with Andy (and daughter Martha) was really a treat.

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Wednesday – July 25 – The Pilgrims & The Prince

If you look under his right elbow, you clearly see Becca Russell!

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Tuesday – July 24 – Lindisfarne

The pilgrims, all rested, got out of their beds
while visions of royalty danced in their heads.
Later today with Prince Charles they’d all be chilling
(First with Charles the British throne heir — a little later with Milling.)
Because of uncertainties about security and road closing,
We decided that today no off-island going.
We would stay and await for the Prince to come here
while the youth wrote their postcards to all we hold dear,
the stockholders, parents, and family and friends,
we wrote and we wrote until all activities suspend,
“He’s leaving the castle, he’s crossing the lawn,”
and so to the town square all people were drawn.
The gift of Lindisfarne’s remote location,
is that not too many people knew of this occasion.
So the Prince walked right by — so close we could have touched.
But the British secret service wouldn’t have liked that very much.
Because of all this ceremony, we ate our Mexican lunch quite late,
And in the afternoon, a hike to the Hut then did await.
Charles (the other one we know) led the group across the isle
To discover the remote beaches and explore for quite a while.
Then at the geo-cash site, our prayers (from last night) we left behind,
for other world travelers to come here and find.
We made our way back at everyone’s leisure
Then were joined by the entire Raine family for dinner.
Teens Martha and Joel, Mom Anna, Dad Andy,
Great food and great company – the evening was dandy.
And even our coach driver Ian joined us to pray and to eat,
with him in our presence, our family was complete.
Andy and Anna finished the night off leading compline,
then the kids did some rapping, which really was something.

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Tuesday – July 24 – Lindisfarne

Yes, Prince Charles came to visit us in Lindisfarne. Well, okay, maybe not just us. Details will follow in my next post…. LLL Fr. Marty

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Monday – July 23 – Lindisfarne

After two back-to-back days, lots of travel, little rest
a morning without agenda was the unanimous request.
We met as a family for sandwiches at 1,
then across the street to St. Cuthbert’s Centre, for some Celtic drawing fun.
We learned from Mary Fleeson, the Celtic writing world’s best
And as we learned, a great teacher, as all would attest.
What a special experience to have her for a private session
we walked back to the houses with our creativity refreshened.
Then after free time for exploring this quaint holy town
We met up for dinner where the food did abound.
With salmon and crab cakes, pork tenderloin cooked on the grill,
the requested mashed potatoes surely filled the bill.
Then prayers for the world the youth wrote, led by Charles Milling,
they’ll leave them at the Hut tomorrow, a beach that is thrilling.
Discovered two pilgrimages ago with the help of our friend Sean,
Visitors from the whole world to this geo-site have been drawn.

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Sunday – July 22 – Iona to Jarrow and Newcastle

When living on a Holy Island that is tidal

You don’t get to choose preferred departure and arrival.

You just have to “go with the flow” as they say

So we left for another journey early this day.

Two hours down to Jarrow to learn about Venerable Bede

An incredible saint (his written words are his deeds).

He wrote down the history of the early English church

and in science and astronomy did incredible research.

Picnic lunch in a park then followed just down the hill

near the monastery of St. Paul’s, where our pilgrimage duty we’d fulfill.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Guy, church wardens were our host for the day,

Some incredible wisdom about Bede they’d convey.

And was it an accident that without even knowing

Billy sat in Bede’s seat?  His halo soon should be glowing!

And then appropriately enough for his volunteer

Jimmy chose our musical Madi – ringing the church bells for all to hear.

And a “communion of saints” gathering next at the table:

while we gathered in St. Paul’s, to talk with St. Joseph’s we were able.

Then a bike trip on Bede’s Way was our novel experience

from Jarrow to Monkwearmouth:  a formidable distance.

Unfortunately our maps had no accurate scale,

We rode the twelve miles, but couldn’t follow the trail.

Through neighborhoods, parks, and pass brooks we did ride,

Nowhere close to our destination, but still a pilgrim’s joyride.

So when time had run out, and the group all had thirst,

we stopped for some water, and ended this first:

the first bicycle pilgrimage, from St. Paul’s to start,

through beautiful towns and scenery; destination?  Wal-Mart!

So we toasted at dinner:  the gift of the pilgrimage balance:

sometimes it’s not the destination, it’s about the experience.

We ended our day down at Newcastle-upon-Tyne

A walk on the Millennium Bridge, then on tapas to dine.

A first for our youth, as the Spanish food they put away,

When it started out slow they asked, “where’s the entree?”

But as the free flow of the delicacies did continue,

they seemed to grow comfortable with this culinary venue.

(And a special surprise for Andrew Baker when we sat:

some old friends of his mother stopped by for a chat.)

Most slept on the bus back up Lindisfarne way

completing another full pilgrimage day .

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